U-KUVA i-AFRICA (A Taste of Africa) Zulu Fire Spice

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Filled with big flavor, this blend of herbs and spices makes a delicious complement to a variety of dishes. Red chili with an exciting supporting cast of black pepper, ginger and a touch of ginseng (to energize the taste buds!). Grind onto pizza, pasta, casseroles, barbecues, curries and stir fry. Use as an ingredient or add flavor at the table. Recycled glass bottle topped with built-in grinder to unlock the freshest flavor. 1.76 oz.

Chili with an exciting supporting cast. Grind onto pizza, pasta, caseroles, barbeques and stir fry. Use as an ingredient or add fiery flavor at the table.

Ingredients: chili flakes, black pepper, ginger, bell pepper, ginseng.

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