Haunted Arizona: Ghosts of the Grand Canyon State

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Ellen Robson has taken us on another ghostly journey, to the cities and towns of Arizona, and there's plenty here for the True Believers. Whooooo knows what lurks in the halls of those old hotels when the clock strikes midnight? --Marshall Trimble, Arizona's Official State Historian

Between these covers is a most informative collection of haunted Arizona locations that provides intrepid tourists with a roadmap to the macabre.

It's packed with vivid and strange tales, opening the door of the supernatural to the ordinary traveler. --James Prueter, Vice President AAA Arizona

A delightful collection of ghost stories throughout the state of Arizona. Vividly told with interviews by those who actually encountered these specters.
Truly a good read that should not be missed. --Dale Kaczmarek, President, Ghost Research Society


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